New Energy Efficient Boilers

A block of eight flats had very high heating costs of £13,000 per annum for gas, plus a further £3,750 for maintenance. The flats shared a communal boiler and hot water tank system, and MLP identified that the boiler controls were not working.  

Instead of simply replacing the boilers with new units of the same type, a number of contractors were asked to quote for the project using new energy-efficient technologies. The most cost-effective solution was to replace the two boilers and three central hot water tanks with two new boilers and individual heat exchangers with thermostats and timers in each flat.   

Gas consumption has dropped by 50% and the maintenance contract is now below £1,000. This gives an overall saving of £9,000 per annum, or £1,125 per flat. The payback period for this project is 6.5 years.